The "Eye" and the Mark

A Memior: By Madame Lorelei Valentine

Today started out like any other, waking early in my luxury suite, Stretching lazily, thinking about the warm bath that soon would be my own personal oasis. Then the thought of breakfast crept into my mind and with that thought, I ended up jumping up out of bed, tangled still within it’s sheets and making it as far as my waste basket to heave, until there was nothing left except me begging for mercy and trembling on shaky knees.
Standing up as I now hurry to my tub, hot water or cold, I needed to be clean once again. I am not sure how long I can keep this a secret if this is how it’s going to be I thought worriedly to myself. Tomas doesn’t know yet… and neither does Daddy…“Daddy…..,” I whispered aloud with a heartbreaking sigh following. "I’m sorry… ", then shaking those thoughts away as I scrubbed myself, needing to feel clean, needing to be strong… stronger than I’ve ever needed to be ever before. For now, I needed to find my strength, find my courage and figure out how to make things better.
While brushing my hair and pinning it up in the usual fashion, I notice a note slipped under my door. Upon reading it’s contents, I was immediately resolute, I would go find out about this job. I could learn to take care of myself again, be able to say that I can pull my own weight and then I would know what to do about… everything else. Without thinking, I rub my belly in a lovingly way and catch myself in the act, gasp and take out my fan and fan my face as if that motion alone would keep me from betraying my own secret, even if only to myself.
So, there was to be a small group of Monsoon representatives to “review” a possible “Business Opportunity”. It was to be held at The Harlequin and Chalice.
It sounded legitimate as far as I could tell. I settled into a quiet spot and waited for the contact to describe the opportunity. What in the seven hells is that eyeball thing? It couldn’t be… it just couldn’t be a beholder. Beholders were tales that you told the children to keep them from roaming too far into the woods alone. But, guessing from how his human servant was “obeying” him, it must be true. Take care of Viktor Blutfaust was a priority, not just for this mission but …for other reasons…
I met another human lady?. She seemed to be quite capable, if not a bit more boisterous than I am used to. I would watch her a bit more before making any further comment about her (or his) person.
Then there was a suspicious looking gnome female. Not that I was suspicious of her, she seemed suspicious of everything else. Perhaps just caution, caution is a good thing. I will watch her too, just in case. She called herself Melior and had a small woodland friend with her, a ferret. Although a cute animal it seems smarter than an average wild critter.
There was an Elf ranger who I believe is named Victor, but he kept quiet for the most part. I am not sure how to interpret him yet. I have known Elves from many places, and one thing is for sure, you don’t want to confuse them for one another, some are quite nice and trustworthy, while others are more shifty and will back-stab even their closest companions for the right amount of gold.
And to round out the group, there was a halfing among us. He was a little pushy at first and i wanted to let him know that a Lady doesn’t need a leader.. Even when I so do need a leader, no one can just tell me who is to do what and when. But, one day, I might let this would be leader lead. He just needs to prove his worth first. I didn’t know Roscoe from Jack when he waled in.
Deciding that I should never leave a Monsoon establishment by way of backdoor unless it was a dire emergency. This was not a dire emergency, so through the main dining room I went, right behind Sam. I remember sighing as I recognized the game that was ensuing around the tavern.. I knew better than to attempt this bit of fun, but Sam was all about it, knocking down more than just the drinks, she won some gold in the venture, which was smart. I felt better knowing this about her, for some reason. It brought a smile to my lips for the first time today to see her (or him, I am never quite certain) gleefully punching the tavern patron next to her.
Some sneaking through the city, to the restaurant owned and operated by Mr. Viktor Blutfaust. But by the time I arrived, it seems the action was already getting started. I attempted to distract the single guard outside but failed miserably. However, once inside, an explosion took me by surprise. Mr. Blutfaust exploded right in front of our eyes. It wasn’t something I did, I could only guess by the looks on Melior’s and Roscoe’s faces that this also wasn’t their doing either.
A fight broke out and Victor of our group decided to high tail it out of there so fast, I don’t think anyone realized he was gone until afterward. I didn’t want to engage in the physical fighting… well, a Lady should only use force as a last resort anyways, but my… condition kept me from giving in and throwing down with the rest of the group. The others all proved to be capable fighters and we ended up sneaking upstairs via a secret passage way that Melior and Sam opened together.
Upstairs we found an empty bedroom, a cache of weapons of various types including some explosives. Melior seemed to find some kind of tonic that rendered her blind for awhile and a very nice bathroom, which under different circumstances, I would have loved to bathe in.
During our escape out the upstairs window, we decided to burn this restaurant down. My heart raced, not really knowing where Tomas was, hoping if he were near, he would escape this too, so as I threw one of my explosives, I said a quick prayer to Tymora, the goddess of Luck, to protect him. then ran to escape myself.
After seeing us so quickly reported to the authorities, I knew one thing, we had been set up. Maybe this was a lesson that I should have had a gut feeling about early on, but Never trust a Beholder seems like a sensible thing to take away from all of this.
Getting back to Gilley’s place was a bit more dangerous than I would have liked, too much attention was drawn on me, which under the circumstances, was not exactly what I had hoped for. Gilley rushed me inside and I waited what seemed like an eternity for the rest of our party to arrive.
Once reassembled, all except for Victor, I might add, everyone had a bit more information to tell, but the one thing that stood out in my mind was Drina’s boyfriend Geph. Geph was associated with the Raven Queen. I had heard of them being a cleric has allowed me to meet with other people of different faiths and learn of other cultures and teachings. But the Raven Queen was one of the more obscure factions. And because of that obscurity, it brought with it a bit of mystery and dread. I would need to do a bit of research about this cult to further my understanding of their teachings.
At least we all made it back safely enough, except for Victor. And Daddy was informed of what had transpired too. I was glad he had arrived, for I was counting on the gold to keep me in my nice suite a little longer, at least until I sorted out the mess in my head concerning a growing… issue.


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