The Lovable Adventure Ferret


NAME: Slinky Barnabas Fastpaws Chocolicious Fuzzingsworth Slinksalot, Esquire
AGE: 8
RACE: Ferret
SEX: Male
WEIGHT: 3 lbs.
FUR: sable mask coloration
EYES: brown
ROLE: infiltrator, layabout, neck-warmer


Slinky is Melior’s companion, not her pet. He enjoys laying draped around her neck like a fur collar. Many observers may not even realize the creature is there. Slinky likes sweets and is agitated by reptilians. He loves curling up in warm spots for naps and has an amusing affinity for tieflings because of this. Slinky is growing rather old, and showing his age in the silver of his muzzle and the slowing of his movements. Melior cannot seem to acknowledge this, she’s grown far more attached to Slinky than any of her previous ferret friends.


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