Tomas Blutfaust

Half-Orc Heir to Bloodtusk Gang


Son of Viktor Blutfaust, he grew up as the second in command of the Bloodtusk Gang and as such has gotten accustomed to a certain level of luxury. After the razing of Der Schnitzelhaus and the assassination of his father, all of the power and control and remaining wealth or influence of the organization would fall on his shoulders…if he were anywhere to be found. His absence has tossed the already scattering Bloodtusk Gang spiraling further into decentralized chaos, and a group of Bloodtusks are dedicated to searching for him.

Tomas had a brief romantic tryst with Madame Lorelei Valentine, after taking her hostage over he inspired a raid of the bordello she ran. They have had tenuous contact since


Tomas Blutfaust

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