Gnome Engineer and Navigator


NAME: Trefeuronymus Boshtet Nightwind Gaelanahn Silvermoon Wavecrash Laargho Kahnbravoorah Morninghaze Loxodromaedi
MONIKER: Trefeur
AGE: 70
RACE: gnome
SEX: male
HEIGHT: 3’4”
WEIGHT: 47 lbs
HAIR: ash-blond
EYES: bright turquoise (wears glasses)
ROLE: tinkerer, engineer, navigator

Tref has fair ash-blonde hair and suntanned skin. His build is solid for a ‘scholarly type’. Stunning turquoise eyes are often what people remember when first meeting him.

Trefeur is often seen with a magpie perched on his shoulder or flying nearby. Presumably this was his birth pet, and like many gnomes, kept similar animal companions over the years.


Childhood friend of Melior.

Trefeur was always a realist while Khami was a dreamer. He’s slightly older, but drawn to travel and adventure as much as she. Tref is the son of an engineer and took after his family line in that respect – specifically: precision navigation instruments like sextants, compasses, and marine chronometers. When the chance to sail aboard a human mapping/charting vessel arose, he leapt at the opportunity. He was sad to leave home and his best friend, but knew their paths had to diverge some time. Tref promised that he would return, and gave Khami one of his unfinished schematics as a token. She has no idea what is depicted on the parchment.

Since departing the Gnomish home Isle, Leenakveau, some 20 years ago, Trefeur’s location and activities have become hard to track. His last known post was Navigator aboard The Lunargent, a mapping and charting vessel under the command of Captain Markus Aravel. Capt. Aravel is a respected human sailor and cartographer of the Memstaras.

Trefeur’s last known animal companion was a female magpie he referred to as “Dusk”.


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