A sudden change of course
Or 'Anchors aweigh!'

From Melior’s Personal Log:

Mr. Bhalasar wasn’t precisely what we were expecting, it seems. Well, ‘cept Sam. Sam’ll follow him to the ends of creation, and then some, I’d wager. Rest of us, we didn’t exactly sign up for steppin’ into a Tusker-magic demon teleport symbol and praying we’re delivered whole. Roscoe was definitely out, he’s been narrowing his eyes at Bhalasar since meeting. Miss Lori, well she is in a bit of a state, ain’t she? Don’t blame her for backing out graceful-like. Me? Much as I grown to like Sam, this is over my pretty lil head.

I did some hemming an’ hawwing about it that night, don’t mistake me. Slinky got tired of my restless twitching by go-time. I hate to break away after we Cloak and Hammer been through so much, but no other choice afforded me was viable. I’ll not be going back to jail, no sir. But that symbol’s hocus-pocus Raven Queeny disappearing act nonsense, no thank you. Lucky I’m such a beguiling lass, and Marvin was not part of the promised complement of soldiers no more. He was set to sneak on out of Altok once that bullshit Green-lovin’ occupation moved in, and he invited me and Slink along. We had to hide, in a fish barrel no less. If only it was ale or wine, I’d have been happy as a clam in there for the duration.

Once out of the bay and on open water, I extricated myself from my fishy hold and breathed free the cool night ocean air. Marvin joined me and after a silence, asked where I was desiring to end up. I shrugged, havin’ nowhere in particular, long as it wasn’t Altok, or Tok. The ship’s mixed crew was a small salvage operation: treasure hunters, scavengers, and the like. That suited me fine, for the time being. Maybe I’ll find trace of Trefeur.

Or maybe I never will. Possible his path won’t ever again cross with mine, I suppose.

Right now, Slinky is flopped around my neck and I’m lookin’ out for falling stars in that endless black.


In your wake, we were set, ready at arms to drive back the Thri-kreen! I held Booga in one arm, and in my opposite hand was yours, Bhalasar. The symbol florishes light up past our feet like entangling vines, adorning our heels, lifting us up. This was the next step.
But something snapped, a twitch in the ether, a mote in the feyland trapped, snagged. I am wrenched from you and your army, snatched away by malicious demons with no care for or against us, I am thrown perpendicular.
I find myself in a novel land: the air is hollow, the earth is saturated and heavy with excess dimensions, wrapped up and compressed. My body and mind are fuller here, more room to expand. It gives me bizarre strength with careful striations noticed by minutiae.
My time has been spent rebuilding my battling career, in the cage. The Panther now exists in another Plane, it seems! Four years have passed since moving through the rift, and destiny has made her rounds again.

Golly gee boom-shackles! I done fell through a portal and wound up on the wrong planet! I must have the devil’s odds. Poor Bhalasar, he’s gonna miss me. And poor me! I miss all the great action! I sure hope Melior twacks a few extra bugs for me in my stead, the dear little tot. Gosh, I miss drinkin’ and horsin’ around with her. I like to know she’s somewhere out there sailing with her dear old buddy, and a cute new little critter as they them come and go.
That doll Lorelei, poor girl, hope her kid comes out all right. Maybe the little tyke ‘ll start a new understanding between the half-orcs and us humans. It’d be a damn shame if not. I hurt for the gal. All my time looking for scraps with other weak urchins, that’s all wrapped up and sent in a love package to ya, sweet thing. All the best.
Even Rosco, gosh. I gave him a hard time, sure, but didn’t he give us the ol’ once around? I know he meant all the well the while, but durnit, I wish things had been different. Get yer ducks in a row, little man, and I know you’ll go places!

A new world, a new bundle of opportunities! Take yer best shots, my fists and blade and heart are gonna take ya for a ride you won’t forget!


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