Tiefling Monk, Mercenary, and Con-Artist


AGE: 46
RACE: tiefling
SEX: female
HEIGHT: 5’7”
WEIGHT: 140 lbs
HAIR: black
EYES: yellow-orange
ROLE: melee/ranged striker, smuggler, forger

Cinder’s skin is a more subtle red-brown than most tieflings. Her eyes shimmer orange and yellow. Her horns are delicate curves sweeping up and back like an antelope’s. Her hair is, as Melior once described it, “a fall of darkest darkness”. The monk’s body is fine-tuned and well maintained.


Former mentor of Melior.

Cinder was once part of a highly-respected monastery in the the tiefling holds. There, she studied the Way of the Four Elements from the master Lucius Temperance. Cinder ended her training when she gleaned all she could about fighting, having no interest in the contemplation and spiritual balance Lucius deemed necessary for advancement. She employed her skills to smuggle, sneak, charm, and intimidate her way to fortune and glory, or her version of it. Cinder uses people, utterly and completely, for her own selfish gains. Then, when they are no longer useful, she abandons them or casts blame on them in attempt to save her own skin.

Her last known whereabouts place her in a human-run prison near the human/half-orc border on the mainland 7 years ago. According to the arrest record, she was apprehended as part of a weapons smuggling ring and named Melior as an accomplice. Cinder’s sentence was to be 8 years, but she does not seem to be an inmate of the prison any longer. The Warden is not amenable to discussing the reason for this discrepancy.


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