Madame Lorelei Valentine

Human Cleric


She wears fine gowns and keeps her appearance Lady Like as much as possible. Is able to disguise herself for short periods of time. Uses magic to heal comrades and to inflict wounds on enemies. Avoids direct fighting if possible. Does not drink or smoke. Is a Daddy’s girl, even though she is quite able (and old enough) to take care of herself. Protects those she cares about. keeps a personal diary in a journal called simply, “A Memoir”.


Lorelei Valentine grew up as an only child. Her mother, Tabetha Machini-Valentine mysteriously left the family when Lorelei was only 4 years old. Her father, Donny ""The Ropes" Valentine took care of his only daughter alone. He doted on his daughter, his princess, lavishing her with gifts and toys and all the things a little girl could ever want. Although Donny took care of Lorelei with love and kindness, Lorelei wanted his undivided attention at all times. Most nights, conducting his “business” from the comfort of his own home, Lorelei, after being told to go to bed, would creep down the hall and sit on the landing of the stairs, peeping around the corner to watch and listen to what was going on with Donny and his business associates. She learned early on how to read lips and to listen very carefully to how things were said. She paid attention and was often the keeper of secrets, unbeknownst to her father or his business associates.

The family business turned out to be the usual workings of a crime family. Many players, some losses but so much money moving around it became addictive. An addiction her father was in love with, but one that Lorelei was slow to warm up to, but warm up she did. As she grew up, she spent more and more time with her father and those involved in the family business. Nights she spent playing poker and proving she was a pretty player with a tenacity for charming the other players then winning by bluff. Her father took notice of her easy way with others and at the age of 17 sent her away to learn the enchanting ways of mistress-hood from the very best in the business, Madame Betsy Louise.

Madame Betsy Louise was the most graceful, beautiful woman Lorelei ever met. She learned how to talk to men, how to flirt with style and most of all, she learned to love her position in life. Lorelei loved the attention, loved freedom she had as a Lady of the night and she loved the money. Money and then eventually, the power that came with her position. She also loved the girls who came under her tutelage. At age 23, Lorelei became a true Madame in her own right, her father Donny set her up in the most exclusive part of town with her own brothel and her own girls.

For awhile, Lorelei’s establishment was the most popular place among the gentry and middle class patrons of the area. Her girls were paid well, her home was respected. For everyone knew of Donny “The Ropes:” Valentine, knew Madame Lorelei was his beloved daughter and for a time, that was good enough to keep those who would rather not have a brothel nearby from saying so.

Little did Madame Lorelei know, the contact who set this brothel up for her would actually squeal. He turned in Lorelei’s house in order to get back at Donny for some slight from years ago. The authorities were called and Lorelei, hurried her girls out, waiting until the very last of her ladies were gone before taking on the run herself. This act of betrayal came at a high cost. One of her girls, Lady Kat was cornered and beaten to the point of unconsciousness in a dark alley. So much for the law being gentle on womenfolk. Later, Lorelei learned that poor Kat hadn’t made it. Her injuries too severe and Lorelei took that to heart. She was always responsible for her girls. She had made a vow to protect them when she took on the position of Madame.
She ran back to her father who could offer only money and advice- find a place to lay low for awhile- until things cool off with the law. She did just that. Taking shelter in one of the close wooded areas. She found solace in the teachings of a hermit. This hermit taught her clerical skills and the teachings of Goddess Tymora, the goddess of Luck. The solitary life that her teacher, Gordy the Blind led was peaceful, but lonely. For Lorelei, it was too lonely to stick with for an extended period of time. After a few months of his teachings and living in quiet repose, Lorelei announced that she was going to go out and create some luck for herself. Gordy reached into his pocket, pulling out a small vial, a gift for Lorelei. He moved close and whispered softly- “Lady Lorelei, please take this, keep it close. It is a vial of dragon’s blood. Keep it as a good luck symbol. I have carried with me ever since my one and only encounter with The Red Dragon. It has been blessed by the Goddess Tymora herself.”
When Lorelei came back to the city, everything seemed to have calmed down as far as the search for her was concerned. Her father even gave her a bit more money to live on for awhile and a note from one of his associates with a lead for a new job. Although Donny didn’t really want his princess to become one of those hard, adventuring types, Lorelei had made it clear that her mind was made up, that she was going to revenge Kat and her girls by getting back at the family who ratted them out in the first place. She learned from some of her father’s closest contacts that it had been Tomas Blutfaust, the son of the leader of the rival gang who had turned her and her girls in.
Lorelei managed to spy Tomas out in an alley one late evening in the neutral zone. She straightened herself up, haughty as you will, and approached him with fire in her eyes, his back to her, he did not see her approach. “So, you are Tomas Blutfaust, the rat.” She spat out accusingly. When he turned, his half orcish form towered over hers. She stopped dead in her tracks. He tilted his head to the side and said in Orcish, “Madame Lorelei, shut your pretty mouth. Come here. You are to be mine.” Taken aback, she didn’t know how to respond to that declaration. She thought he meant one thing, but oh, he meant another. He grabbed her and tied her hands together and pushed her back to his father’s restaurant. She was now his prisoner.
Although she started out as the prisoner, she charmed her way out of it. Not easily and not right away, but after awhile, Tomas warmed to Lorelei’s charms. She would flirt and smile, make small talk and ego boost every chance she got. And all the while, she watched Tomas. She could see that what he had told her was true. What she learned about Tomas and her own family stunned her and made her rethink her life for a moment. Perhaps she isn’t who she thought she was, but somehow over time, Lorelei became smitten with Tomas. And behind closed doors, when neither of their families were looking, she and Tomas began a brief but passionate love affair. Knowing that their families would not allow this to continue openly, Lorelei managed to get Tomas to agree to let her escape.
Her escaped was planned and went without incident. She accustomed herself to the streets once again, learning who was who, learning where to get the best gossip, where was safe for her to stay and she went to her father sometimes for advice or money or both as she tried to get her life from completely tail-spinning out of control, because her heart was certainly changed forever.

Madame Lorelei Valentine

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