The Cult of the Raven Queen


A religious group on the rise, and their presence in Tok is felt most strongly in “The Neutral Zone” between Monsoon and Bloodtusk territories.

They are a mostly tranquil, peaceful, yet still disturbingly dark sect. Most people respect their work and their admiration of balance and order in the world but disagree with the unseemliness of praising death herself. Seeing as they are a sort of “upstart” group mostly known for their evangelizing, not much of their order is understood by many of the commonfolk, except for the following:

  • A member of their order is present at most wakes
  • They believe that there will be a day when all will be in balance with the coming of The Great Crystalization — When everything is in perfect harmony, The Frostpeaks will stretch down and cover the world, forming perfectly tesselated and balanced fractal patterns of the four elements plus life and death in the ice and holding that pattern in a crystal ball of perfection for all eternity.
  • Their HQ is on an iceburg floating around in Frostpeaks, though they have set up shop in Tok to evangelize.

The Cult of the Raven Queen

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